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Motivational Membership

BE THE PERSON – the monthly motivational membership is here! Join to focus on your purpose, your action and your healing.

Be The Person / The Membership is a monthly motivational membership for entrepreneurs with purpose driven goals. In this membership we focus on action, purpose and healing to Be The Person who gets it done and makes it happen.


With monthly video challenges, chapter style write ups, a monthly live session with Lisa Bean, annnnd weekly drop ins with other members, this membership is designed to change your life and accelerate your vision. Quite literally.


I want this membership to be a constant reminder to you to get back on it, to try again, to let the behaviours compound into the life and business you want and deserve.

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Feel the vibe…

Press play on the videos below to see the promotional showreels from recent monthly content drops.

Monthly Membership

Join today for £24 per month and access the full library of motivational content, grouped perfectly into key themes. New content drops on first of every new month!

What’s included?

Action, purpose, healing: Your noise, your project, your happiness

Be The Person is a rolling monthly membership at £24 per month including VAT. Stay as long as you enjoy it and get value from it. Leave when you choose.


As a member, here’s what you’ll get access to each month:

Three brand new motivational videos on a core topic such as how to uncover your purpose, how to overcome fear, and how to get a project done. These are conversational, honest, and directive. You’ll find unique insights, stories that will make you laugh, and ways of thinking that will get you moving forward again.

A 1500+ word ‘chapter’ style write up with attention focusing questions and exercises. These aren’t ‘worksheets’ per se, they read more like chapters from a book. Like the videos, they’re conversational, honest, insightful. Included at the end of each chapter is a series of question prompts, linked to the video, to help you focus your thinking and do the work.

A monthly motivational live session via Zoom. On the first Sunday morning of each month at 8am, I invite you to get up, get dressed and turn up with your camera on via Zoom. We’ll be working through that months topic live, and you’ll have the chance to do some of the work on the call, and meet other members in breakout sessions designed to help your thinking.

Damn sexy stationery


Here’s my promise:

Action, purpose, healing: Your noise, your project, your happiness

Here’s what I can promise you about Be The Person.


It’s real.


I care.


We’re getting it done!


Truth be told, I am on the same journey as you. I want to make things that matter. I want to evolve and grow. I want to reach my full potential. I want to heal. I want to make new friends who care about this stuff.


Not so long ago, I ran an in person event with six people. It’s the smallest in person event I’ve done in years, and it’s one of my most memorable. There was something magical about listening to people, connecting with people, sitting back and watching as conversations played out. There was something special about that event and it made me realise that we all need more of this: More magic, more connection, more chit chat! With a big ole dose of progress in the mix.


So here it is: Be The Person who does the thing – the monthly motivational membership designed to help purpose driven people get it done and feel okay along the way!


Fancy coming in?

Sign me up, Lisa

Join today – it’s £24 per month, cancel any time.


How much is it and can I leave any time?

The membership is £24 per month to join. You can cancel any time, and will have access until your current month expires…although I have a feeling you’ll stay!

What topics are covered?

Be The Person is all about changing your life, living out your purpose and going after what you truly want. The content is motivational, uplifting, challenging and focused on you becoming the person who does the thing to make it happen! We talk vision, habits, mindset, motivation, blocks, purpose, rituals, happiness, journalling, creativity, joy, exercise and all sorts!

What if I can't make the monthly live Sunday session?

I go live via Zoom on the first Sunday of every month at 8am. This is exclusive to members of the Be The Person membership. I record the sessions so if you can’t join live, you can watch it back on replay through the membership.

What if I can't make the weekly drop-in sessions?

Each month, I change the ‘week day’ of the weekly sessions. For example, one month, they will all be on Wednesdays 12pm. Another week, they’ll all be on Thursdays at 9am. The purpose of this is to help as many people as possible access the sessions throughout the year.


I will email you with the ‘week day’ and ‘hour’ for that month’s session at the start of the month, and tell you about the next timeframe in that month’s calls, so you can plan ahead.


Please pick and choose the sessions you join, and don’t feel bad if you can’t make many! They’re there for you to choose and access as you wish!